Dictate in Outlook and Office 365*

Try saying “new line”, “new paragraph,” “delete”, “bold that”, and “start list”. Other supported punctuation, commands, and symbols are below. Requirements – microphone access and reliable internet connection – Windwos 10+ – Office 2016+ with Office 365 subscription Supported: Word for Microsoft 365 Outlook for Microsoft 365 PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 Word for Microsoft 365 for Mac PowerPoint for   →

[EXO] Various ways to grab all SMTP address from mailbox


[EXO] Concert IMCEAEX string to X500

Simple script to convert IMCEAEX to X500 Address.


Notes: 11/21/2020

Just passed with 800. Went back to  dumps and this is valid: microsoft.examcollection.ms-500.vce.dumps.2020-oct-25.by.paul.77q.vce     SSRP Writes-back required P1 or P2 License Two authentication methods required for AAD admin role Does not need to register least one mobile device (more than 1 way instead of mobile) Has to be turned on before to enforce MD   →

MS-500 – Microsoft 365 Security Administration

Free course https://www.fastlane.live/us_en/e-learning/microsoft-365-security-administrator-track.html Sign up and purchase the course (free) Free Practice Test https://www.examtopics.com/exams/microsoft/ms-500/ https://www.itexams.com/info/MS-500 Free Test Dumps: https://master-exam.com/Microsoft/MS-500/ MS Office Pratice Test https://www.measureup.com/ms-500-microsoft-365-security-administration.html Skills measured Implement and manage identity and access (30-35%) Implement and manage threat protection (20-25%) Implement and manage information protection (15-20%) Manage governance and compliance features in Microsoft 365 (20-25%)

[IAM] Explaining Security Assertion Markup Language ( SAML 2.0 )

What is SAML? Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open standard federation protocol. SAML was introduced in 2001 SAML 2.0 superseded SAML in 2005 SAML protocol is used for authentication (AUTHN), and authorization (AUTHZ), and is often used for SSO (Single Sign-on) to web-based applications. The SAML specification defines three entities or roles: The   →

[EXO] Inbox Rule Issues Post Migration

In some instances, users with client side rules may  break as they do not get touched in the migration. For any client rules that reference a specific sender/folder/etc they will normally use X500/LegacyDN to identify conditions and will stop working. There is no set limit for the amount of Inbox rules a user can have.   →

[EXO] Identifying Validation Errors

$errors = (Get-MsolContact –ObjectID <Object_ID>).Errors $errors | foreach-object {“nService: ” + $_.ErrorDetail.Name.split(“/”)[0]; “Error Message: “+ $_.ErrorDetail.ObjectErrors.ErrorRecord.ErrorDescription} $errors = (Get-MsolGroup –ObjectID <Object_ID>).Errors $errors | foreach-object {“nService: ” + $_.ErrorDetail.Name.split(“/”)[0]; “Error Message: “+ $_.ErrorDetail.ObjectErrors.ErrorRecord.ErrorDescription} $errors = (Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName “<User_ID>”).Errors $errors | foreach-object {“`nService: ” + $_.ErrorDetail.Name.split(“/”)[0]; “Error Message: ” + $_.ErrorDetail.ObjectErrors.ErrorRecord.ErrorDescription} Get-MsolUser -HasErrorsOnly -All | ft DisplayName,UserPrincipalName,@{Name=”Error”;Expression={($_.errors[0].ErrorDetail.objecterrors.errorrecord.ErrorDescription)}}   →

[EX2010] Identifying Cmd-let associated with Role, and who has it.

$Perms = Get-ManagementRole -Cmdlet remove-remotemailbox $Perms | Foreach {Get-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role $_.Name -Delegating $false | Format-Table -Auto Role,RoleAssigneeType,RoleAssigneeName} Role RoleAssigneeType RoleAssigneeName —- —————- —————- Mail Recipient Creation RoleGroup Recipient Management Mail Recipient Creation RoleGroup Organization Management Get-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role “Mail Recipient Creation” get-rolegroupmember “organization management”

[EXO] The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm

Windows Server 2008 can’t do beyond TLS 1.0. Newer versions can, but don’t have TLS 1.1 or 1.2 turned on by default. Best pratice to disable 1.0, 1.1 – mostly depreciated and not supported Check supported protocols: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/index.html Turn off TLS and SSL

Enabling TLS 1.2 Use