[NET] Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS stands for domain name system – It is one of the most frequently asked interview questions when applying for a job in Information Technology (IT).

DNS controls your domain’s website and e-mail configurations and settings. When someone visits your website/domain like tecism.com, the DNS record controls which name server (NS record) it reaches out to resolve the destination. You can also think of DNS like a phone book for the internet or intranet (internal private network). DNS associates the IP with the domain name and host-names. Imagine remembering the IP address: when you can just visit tecism.com or https://tecism.com, its a lot easier to remember than IP Addresseses.

For example tecism.com, reaches out to a name server (NS record) hosted by dreamhost.com (see reverse dns lookup: http://mxtoolbox.com/) Notice the nameservers points to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, and ns3.dreamhost.com.

DNS is made up of several elements which control different aspects of a domain name including the

  • name server
    zone file
    a record
    mx record
    and commonly text record
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