Circular logging for Windows Fabric on Lync 2013 Servers

We have to run Logman update trace FabricLeaseLayerTraces -f bincirc –cnf to enable circular logging . Please refer the below article for the same


By default the DataDeletionAgeInDays” Value=”3″/> that is what we recommend , I didn’t find any article on the same.


C:\ProgramData\Windows Fabric has ClusterManifest.Xml and Settings.Xml.  If you just modify these, they’ll be overwritten when RtcSrv service is  restarted.


To do the edit:


  • Rename C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Server\Core\ClusterManifest.Xml.Template to ClusterManifest.Xml.
  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
  • Open ClusterManifest.Xml in Notepad from Command Prompt.
  • Modify the following line (was line 102 on my FE).
  • <Parameter Name=”LogDeletionAgeInDays” Value=”1″/>
  • Save the file.


  1. We have to run only one command “Logman update trace FabricTraces -f bincirc –cnf”
  2. No reboot or server restart is required .
  3. There is no impact if you delete the old fabric traces.


To confirm the threshold size you can run  logman query FabricLeaseLayerTraces on powershell, bydefault the size is 128 MB. So a new file is created once the size is reached to 128MB.

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