Error code 2771, 1635 , 1603 installing Exchange 2010 Rollup



Issue: “Error code is 2771,1635,1603″ popping up when installing SP3 Rollup 17 on Exchange 2010. 

Cause: Generally this issue is caused by the Rollup installation searching and failing to find the previous rollups or missing components.


  1. Clear the data in the “%SystemDrive%\Windows\TEMP”folder.
  2. Try to re-install the update rollup or (repair) service pack (if bold, reinstall or engage vendor)
  3. If the installation fails, open the Exchangesetup.msilog installation log in the “%SystemDrive%\ExchangeSetupLogs” folder.
  4. Exchange2010-KB4011326-x64-en.msp /lxv c:\installationlogfile.log
    1. If msp file in the “C:\windows\installer” folder is found missing during the installation process. Relate the [filename].msp file to Exchange*.MSP. Download, rename file to [filename].msp and re-install.
    2. If no other .msp files are missing, the installation process succeeds. However, if the installation process fails, you must repeat step 4 for each missing .msp file.

The following logs are examples from recent installation error:

• 150d4b.msi was not found in an earlier log:
MSI (c) (00:7C) [22:59:33:483]: Warning: Local cached package ‘C:\Windows\Installer\150d4b.msi’ is missing.

• Copy MSI from working server, run repair cache using attached OPUtil.vbs (This utility will scan to make sure everything is in place to perfrom patching): oputil.vbs /RepairCache /srestorelocation=c:\installer (location of msi)

Run in detect mode to see what files are missing: identify OPUtil.vbs /detectonly

Resolved result:

MSI (c) (34:84) [04:11:07:461]: Original package ==> C:\Windows\Installer\150d4b.msi
MSI (c) (34:84) [04:11:07:461]: Package we’re running from ==> C:\Windows\Installer\150d4b.msi
MSI (c) (34:84) [04:11:07:461]: APPCOMPAT: Uninstall Flags override found.
MSI (c) (34:84) [04:11:07:461]: APPCOMPAT: Uninstall VersionNT override found.
MSI (c) (34:84) [04:11:07:461]: APPCOMPAT: Uninstall ServicePackLevel override found.
MSI (c) (34:84) [04:11:07:461]: APPCOMPAT: looking for appcompat database entry with ProductCode ‘{4934D1EA-BE46-48B1-8847-F1AF20E892C1}’.
MSI (c) (34:84) [04:11:07:461]: APPCOMPAT: no matching ProductCode found in database.

Comparing to a working server:

Exchange also stores information in the system registry about roll-up update that are installed on a server. These data are held in a series of entries (one for each update)


• Debug: Error 2771: Upgrade of feature Admin Tools has a missing component.

Identify component ID ‘{74FDDF3B-BFD6-4444-999F-D47E6CF0A18A}’ by searching registry keys and compare to working server or ‘google’ them. I was not able to detect it.

Admin Tools is a component of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 management tools, you can configure and manage your Exchange organization remotely.


•After running through the troubleshooting steps described above, a repair of the Exchange 2010 SP3 MSI resolved the issue.

Additional Patching Steps.

Instructions for patching

  1. Log into exchange server
  2. Log off any additional users
  3. Launch IE, navigate to tools > internet options > advanced tab : security section and disable (uncheck):
    • Check for publisher’s certificate revocation
    • Check for server certificate revocation
  4. Launch an elevated CMD prompt
  5. Run “msiexec /update c:\<location of .msp> /lvx* c:\temp\ru23setup.log”
  6. Once completed revert step 3 and reboot the system.

For Exchange Server 2010 with SnapDrive Netapp installed.

Supplementary steps (log should show powershell commands failing to complete)

  1. For exchange servers* with snap manager installed: Navigate and create a backup of : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\NetApp\powershell.exe.activation_config by creating a new folder in Netapp folder
  2. Move powershell.exe.activation_config out of the folder and into the newly created folder
  3. Launch services.msc and restart snapmanager (so activation configuration is bypassed)
  4. Proceed to install Roll-up via msiexec with elevated CMD prompt as documented
  5. Once the roll-up completes, move powershell.exe.activation_config back to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\NetApp\
  6. Delete the newly created folder and restart the server as normal (Server will reload snapmanager service with original powershell.exe.activation_config file once windows starts back up).


Additional Notes:
Exchange upgrade fails due to missing language files:

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