June, 2019

[PS] Write powershell errors to a text file

Method 1: Try, Catch, Finally Try: Try to execute a command Catch: Catches any errors, triggers only for Terminating Errors, so you may need to set a ErrorAction -Stop (EA) for errors that are not terminating. Finally: Runs regardless if a error occurs.

Method 2: Output error directly to error logĀ 

Method 3:   →

[EXCH] The Cluster service cannot be started. Event ID 1090

Check the Status of Mailbox Servers by running Get-DatabaseAvaliabilityGroup | FL Inspect servers in stopped and started state If a mailbox is in a stopped state, you can attempt to stop the individual server by running: Stop-DatabaseAvaliabilityGroup -identity <cluster> -mailboxserver <mailbox server> Check the status of theĀ  Fail-over Cluster Service Manager Launch Fail-over Cluster   →