Error accessing mailbox that was re-connected

A disable user’s mailbox moves to the Disconnected Mailbox Folder on one of your Exchange Servers under Recipient Configuration in Exchange. You can access the Container in EMC. When you re-connect the mailbox, you may be greeted with some of the following errors:

Unable to launch outlook and OWA states acocunt is disabled:

our account has been disabled.
Url: https://OWAServer:443/owa/
User: Joe, Original
EX Address: /o=company/ou=admin/cn=recipients/cn=joriginal
SMTP Address:
OWA version: 14.3.X.X

Exception type: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.AccountDisabledException
Exception message: Cannot open mailbox /o=ulta3cosmetics&salon/ou=ulta3/cn=recipients/cn=ljones.

Reconnecting to AD user and you try send an email or move the account you get the following error:

#554-5.2.1 mailbox disabled 554 5.2.1

Run the following command from Exchange PowerShell:

Clean-MailboxDatabase “databasename”
After this you should be able to send mails to the user and login to the mailbox.

Alternatively, you can wait for replication (Up to 30 mins)

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